Marfa Food Trucks

Food trucks have become the foodie phenomenon of the last decade – No matter which city, state or country you’re in, you are guaranteed to find a local favorite by wandering down the street. Growing up in Austin, food trucks were once a delicacy of the late night wanderers, and now apart of the every day landscape. Even the growing empire of Torchy’s Tacos started right on the streets as the place Austinites satisfied their monster taco cravings. The same rules apply for Marfa, where the food truck culture ups it game as far as their servings and surroundings. Before going on vacation, we always do research on the local and tourist favorites and two places were on every list: Food Shark and Boyz 2 Men.


"The Marfalafel by itself is worth the trip to Marfa."


After our journey to Prada Marfa, we were on the brink of starving. Food Shark is only open Friday – Sunday, 12p-3p.  The window of time you can snag their take on Mediterranean twists is as short as their lines are long with the lunch crowd. Inconspicuously tucked on a corner, the signs that you are in the right place are more apparent. A giant grey bus marked ‘Food Shark Dining’ flanks the outskirts, and the infamous green car Beyonce claimed her affinity from food truck lay behind the premises. You can smell the spices as you walk up. The biggest surprise is the menu – Sure there are Mediterranean food trucks everywhere, but against the Marfa terrain it seems so out of place. Their famous Marfalafel and their specials like lamb kabobs make choosing a difficult process. We went with the favorite, and can assure you that the Marfalafel by itself is worth the trip to Marfa. Three falafel balls drizzled with hummus over a dressed Greek salad can be eaten by itself or wrapped in the tortilla. The juxtaposition between eating a Mediterranean-inspired wrap, sitting on a renovated school bus in the middle of West Texas is enough to induce an out of body experience.

ya mon.

Just across the street – or a total of five steps, you will find the even more elusive Boyz 2 Men. Same limited hours, paired with a baron lot filled with gray folding chairs branded with their logo. We chose to quench our breakfast taco cravings here after a wild stay at El Cosmico. Coming from San Antonio, you can consider us breakfast taco aficionados. Well let’s start by saying our experience couldn’t prepare us for the blaring Tejano tunes and being called Ethan. The menu is full of fresh, but discombobulated ingredients. If your usual order is bacon, potato and egg – throw it out the window. In true Patricio fashion, he gravitated to pulled pork and brisket. I opted for the brisket, paired with salsa and jalapeños. Everything communicated by these breakfast professionals was followed by ‘ya mon’ ‘no mon’ taking us to a place of confusion, and almost child-like giddiness of how topsy-turvy this breakfast taco run had become. Aside from the quirks of the colloquial, getting your change in two-dollar bills and a flashback to a time where RC cola is served – the ingredients are fresh, portions are generous, and while you are encouraged to snag four tacos, two are most definitely enough. The brisket is tender and flavorful, and each ingredient was a true testament that outside of the gimmicks, Boyz 2 Men are contenders for the best breakfast tacos in the nation. Pretty big statement – but until you’ve eaten there on a Saturday morning, you can’t refute.

Marfa is pretty fantastic on its own, but paired with the growing food scene it will be hard to keep us away. Plan your trip around the hours of these two mainstays, and arrive early with an open mind. Will we be back and ready to explore those menus again? – Ya mon.

Food Shark |Friday – Sunday, 12p-3p*
Boyz 2 Men | Saturday – Sunday, 8:30a-3:00p*
*In Marfa fashion, these are always subject to change