2018 Holiday Gift Guides

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here. Hold the phones. Grab those wallets. Spruce up your creative wrapping skills - because the most stressful albeit wonderful time of the year is here. I wanted to create super-curated Gift Guides that are a representation of some of the most creative, fun and not traditional gifts you can give to your Friends & Family this season.

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If you’ve been following me for awhile, I hope you’ve realized that i’m fiercely supportive of equal rights and ensuring women of all backgrounds, religions, cultures are supported. This year’s Midterm Elections yielded over 100 women to the House of Representatives who (no pun intended) are true representatives of the diversity of the United States.

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Favor + Heb


The time is 11:59PM on August 31st – the clock moves to the 12 and it is OFFICIALLY HALLOWEEN in my mind. Even if Halloween is 61 days away, September 1st is truly a special day where pumpkins, foliage and all things spooky are back in our lives for too short of a time. Some of my favorite Autumn activities involve binge marathons of Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, creating pumpkin concoctions that most of the time do not have the same euphoric release of a pumpkin spiced latte and a girls night in carving jack-o-lanterns with Monster Mash on repeat (no, seriously – repeat). While the outdoors also hold so many other Fall traditions, I really love the coziness of a home with your favorite candle, snuggled up on the couch with your favorite people.


That’s where Favor comes in. Favor Delivery is an Austin, Texas based on-demand service. Favor offers delivery in less than an hour and beats any other delivery service due to its easy interface, usability and amazing partnerships with local restaurants and brands. Favor currently partners with HEB on many services, most with an enticing $0 delivery fee. But they recently added Beer & Wine in less than an hour to that roster in more than 30 cities across Texas, and planning for Fall has never been easier. Unlike many other delivery services, Favor has no minimum order – What does that mean? You forgot a cider to accompany pumpkin pie or a hearty stew? Favor & Heb have you covered and will deliver right to your door with no membership fee and at the same low prices you would find if you were walking the aisles of HEB.

So what are you waiting for? You can find me on the couch, sipping this and hanging with my favorite Sanderson sisters. You can plan your next spooky night in and never have to leave the house when it comes to the refreshments. Download Favor or head to Favor.com for more details!